Arnel Estanislao is an IT consultant and software engineer based in Manila, Philippines. He has more than a decade's worth of experience in the Information Technology industry. Started as a Multimedia Programmer for infiniteinfo in 1996 working on projects ranging from interactive kiosks to CD-ROM applications to multimedia presentations to web-based apps. Before leaving infiniteinfo in 2005, he held roles from Programming Director to General Manager to CTO.

Year 2005 was the start of his freelance work with multiple clients, mostly based in the US and Europe. His geographical location was never a problem with people he worked with due to his extensive experience and portfolio.

This site is still in its initial phase. Feel free to browse around.

Featured Project


bopaboo is an online marketplace allowing consumers like you to legally sell your unwanted music and buy DRM-Free digital music from other consumers like yourselves.

bopaboo is the first to bring together consumers and copyright-owners into a marketplace where both are able to benefit from legal secondary marketplace for digital music.